Oysters and Chablis are undeniably one of nature’s most special pairings. Born from our personal love of this sublime combination, Pearl Chablis & Oyster Bar is inspired by the intertwined relationship over history. Naturally complementing each other with their underpinning characteristics, our vision and philosophy of Pearl celebrates their union.


The purest Chardonnay on the planet thanks to its ancient limestone-rich terroir and enriched by fossilised oyster shells, we have spent many months tracking down the rarest varietals from all over Chablis and Burgundy.


Our team have always had a true passion for world-class wine and exceptional local produce and after Pinchy’s Champagne and Lobster Bar was born, it has been our dream to bring Pearl to life; a truly unique experience for fellow wine connoisseurs to revel in.


Our extensive collection of over 500 unique wines is only elevated by the delicate tastes of the sea, serving the freshest Australian oysters alongside French-inspired dishes, presented by our Executive Chef, Barret Jones.


We invite you to follow the path of the curious, crafted and the created to celebrate one of nature’s greatest gifts.